Classic Poppy Print Unikko, a Beautiful Statement

by Felicity & Allen April 06, 2020

Marimekko Classic Poppy Print Unikko Handmade Clutches & Purses | PINKOASIS

Marimekko Poppy Print Unikko Clutch Bags Handmade by PINKOASIS

Yes it’s Marimekko , the Marimekko from Finland.

Marimekko was founded in 1950s and their most iconic and popular design - Unikko (poppy) was created in 1964, the original colour of the design was a combination of red, black and white, while the company has been launching different colour combinations every year.

Visiting Marimekko Helsinki Finland for Bag Creation | PINKOASIS

I made a short visit to Helsinki last year, the biggest mission is to bring back some Marimekko fabrics. Yes I know we do have a Marimekko store in Sydney but I’m looking for the fabrics that are only available in Finland.

Visiting Marimekko Outlet Helsinki Finland for Bag Designs | PINKOASIS

Thanks for the very warm hearted Finnish people I met, I was able to travel between subways and trams and visited as many Marimekko stores and fabrics stores as I could and I brought home as many fabrics as I could, you all understand luggage size and weight is our biggest headache in travelling.

So these are the bags I made out of the fabrics, I always pride myself of attending to every detail into the whole handcraft process, I love them to be always in a good shape so I got all of them fully padded and, they are matched with genuine leather, they are not just good looking but durable.

These are the bags for you, if you want to indulge yourself with a bit of Scandinavian designs .

Marimekko Classic Poppy Print Unikko Red Clutch Bag | PINKOASIS

Unikko Poppy Crimson Oversized Clutch Bag with Leather Strap | SHOP NOW

Marimekko Classic Poppy Print Unikko Handmade Wristlets | PINKOASIS

Unikko Poppy Print Wristlet with Chain Strap | SHOP NOW

Marimekko Classic Poppy Print Unikko Handmade Clutches | PINKOASIS

Felicity & Allen
Felicity & Allen


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