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Our First Market Stall Experience in Glebe Markets

December 08, 2018

After years of selling online, we had our first market stall experience last month. 

First Market Stall Experience in Glebe Market | PINKOASIS

Glebe Market is not a solely art & craft theme market, most of the people are hunting for second hand and vintage stuff there, luckily I managed to make enough sales. It was great to meet and talk to the customers in person. Thanks for the practice run in our lounge the night before, we were able to set up everything well before the market’s open time.

Australian Handmade Frame Purses and Bags | PINKOASIS

Rainbow and Jean Handmade Frame Purse | PINKOASIS

A lovely lady who bought the jean shorts clutch spotted that on our letter board, I missed one letter ‘A’ from ‘Australia ‘, oh my... it looked like our bags were all handmade in Europe -‘Austria’ 😂 

Anyway, we had a lot of fun that day, and here’s my 2 cents from this first time market stall experience:

Australian Handmade Frame Clutches and Bags | PINKOASIS

1) Do a practice run/mock set up at home, make sure every product is well displayed and easily accessible.

2) Get a credit card reader, 80% of my sales on that day were paid by credit card.

3) Invest a gazebo/marquee, we didn’t have one, so basically we were having sun-tanned that day, unwillingly:(

Handmade Frame Purses & Bags | PINKOASIS

4) Display price clearly.

5) Provide multiple price points and do have sales items for bargain hunters.

6) Depending on what you are selling, I personally prefer corner stall.

7) Have a good sleep the night before, and do not do your letter board late at night 😛

Handmade Coin Purses Australian Handcraft | PINKOASIS

In terms of sales skill, I know that you have to be welcoming but not pushy, it’s easier said than done, I think we need more practices.

If you are a fellow market stall holder, love to hear what you think:)

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