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REVIEW FROM Tori Friedman

For my wedding last year, I purchased 8 clutches for my bridemaids and mother/mother in law/grandmother in law as well as one for myself. I opted for pictures and a message as well and all the clutches were completely different -- that's a lot of work! I have to say it was the best present ever! Everyone LOVED their clutches! It was the highlight of the rehearsal dinner. i never got a picture with all of the girls and their clutches but I do have some reaction shots of people as they opened up the clutch to see their pictures with their loved ones inside. What a hit!

Thank you Felicity & Allen for such great work and the speed at which you created the clutches and shipped them all the way to the USA, it was amazing!

i'm going to be ordering myself another clutch that I can use when I go out (lacy clutch just seems too much :) ) as well as potentially reorder one of the girl's clutches (she has since broken up with the person in her picture... whoops) so I'm glad to have found your store online again!

Tori Friedman - Stoneham, United States

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