Color Preferences

by Felicity & Allen May 12, 2020

Mustard Color Leather Wood Frame Clutch | PINKOASIS

I believe we all have different color preferences in different age stages in life.

Black was everything to me back in the days when I was still a teenager. Oh black, such a colour symbolising sophistication, elegance and mature.

Then I turned to the mysterious purple for quite a long time. I think I still quite like purple till today, though not the very favourite one anymore.

When I was still selling bridal clutches on Etsy years ago, there was one color that really stood out in my sales summary ... Grey!!!

Handmade Grey Bridesmaid Clutches | PINKOASIS

Handmade Grey Lace Bridesmaid Clutches | PINKOASIS

Unbelievable huh? That’s a myth I never solved during the years.... Out of superstition, I bought lots of clothing and jewellery that were in grey colour and was quite fond of it, the grey color did bring me much luck.

Then later on came to the year we established Pink Oasis, I bet you can tell, my favourite color then was PINK!!!

In the last two years, I’ve been addicted to mustard and I still am today. Such a vibrant and lively color! I know I said that I’ll be venturing some new colour but I’m still not ready to let go this one yet.

Handmade Mustard and Gold Leather Kisslock Clutch | PINKOASIS

Mustard Leather Kisslock Bag with Strap | PINKOASIS

Mustard Leather Wood Frame Clutch | PINKOASIS

Mustard Leaf Pattern Wood Frame Clutch Bag | PINKOASIS

So, What’s your favourite colour now?

Felicity & Allen
Felicity & Allen


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