Waratah Leather Bag

by Felicity & Allen May 01, 2020

Mustard & Black Waratah Leather Bag | PINKOASIS

Between me and Allen, he is definitely a better illustrator. The other day I asked him to make a flower sketch then I’ll trace and adjust it with Adobe Illustrator, we had been talking about our own fabric designs and we really needed to get it started.

Native Flower Sketch Waratah | PINKOASIS

So, this is it, Allen drew the Waratah. Wow!! Look at all the details!! That’s a lot of work for me with Adobe!! Guess what? I decided to draw a simplified and abstract version, here below is my work!! Which one do you think it’s gonna turn into great floral pattern for handbags?

Anyway, I need to give a big round of applause to Allen, thanks for your drawing and thanks for always being supportive, though I decided to go with my version ^_

Waratah Illustration Design for Women's Clutch Bag | PINKOASIS

Later I had my Waratah floral pattern traced onto a black leather piece, I then cut out the silhouette and sewed it onto the mustard leather, it’s quite a lot of work but it looks great, isn’t it? Next step I will do some other colours combination, any thoughts?

Waratah Flower Pattern Leather Bag | PINKOASIS

Mustard Leather Bag Waratah Native Flower | PINKOASIS

Waratah Leather Bag with Strap | PINKOASIS

Waratah Leather Bag | LEARN MORE

Felicity & Allen
Felicity & Allen


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